Tell me and I’ll forget;
Teach me and I may remember;
Involve me and I’ll understand
-Confucius (551BC-479BC)


We believe a child is curious by birth and is eager to learn new things every moment. So we provide learners a friendly environment, where they explore the world around them. We also believe the school’s major job is to develop the most important skills in children like patience, coordination, concentration, listening skills, cognitive skills, decision-making skills, and social skills. All researches across the globe have witnessed that these skills can be developed with games and activities. We not only have such scientific games but also integrate activities with their current lessons and concepts. So there is lots of fun in learning.

We also discovered how the children develop a love for academics which is every parent’s topmost concern. Introducing Magic-Pot magazine in Level-II and Champak in Grade 1are some of them.

I wish and assure a great scholastic success to your child.

Neelam Pilania

If we want to change the fruits, then we need to change the roots.
Learning is fun if we make it simple & interesting.