Respected Principal Sir,

Greetings of the Day!

I am Aastha Dewan, mother of Ayushmaan Singh Level-2 of your school, writing this to share my awe-inspiring experience from attending mother's workshop in your esteemed school.

For my son, I was in search of a school for building a strong base especially in terms of knowledge. When I attended my first mother's workshop in your esteemed school (2017), I saw a bitter eye-awakening reality of pressure on pre-school kids through which my kid was also suffering. I wanted something best for him as every parent goes for the same.

Sir, your way of awakening kid's parents regarding their parenting through mother's workshop is so phenomenal, that just by attending one, it changed me, my parenting way and made me a more conscious mother regarding the understanding of the child's psychology.

Now, it's been 2 years of family-like association with your wonderful school, I have experienced a lot positive change, growth and conscious awareness in my son and as well as in me. It's all just because of the efforts and noble work you as well as your staff members are doing. You are not only building and upbringing smart and conscious generation but eventually contributing to build a strong society as well as a nation.

Hats off to you sir.
Thunderous thousand times bravo.

Tons of thanks, Sir (Wisdom School)

Warm Regards

Aastha Dewan
PhD Scholar
(Food Technology)
GJUS&T, Hisar

If we want to change the fruits, then we need to change the roots.
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