Parent Speak :

"Magazine 'Magic Pot' is playing a very crucial role in uplifting our children's learning and knowledge . One of the best things about it is that kids don't require any gadget or something else to pass their time. Their reading speed, cognitive skills,observation skills all are improving day by day which play a very important role for them to excel in competition in their life ahead.Sometimes I used to feel that one thing is being repeated again and again but kids enjoy them doing every time. You too are playing a consistently stupendous role in bringing up children as a whole. I think very less schools are playing their role with such devotion. "

Dr Swati Sehgal,
CMC Hospital Hisar.
Proud mother of
Diyana,Level-III &

"Respected Sir , for Wisdom school I have just one line to say "Thank you for being there for us, for without you it wouldn't have been possible to raise such happy and prefect kids". Thank you sir."

Mrs Suman Bala,
Sales Tax Officer.
Proud mother of
Kanishka, Level-II &

"A few of my friends are settled in US, and one of them is teacher there. So we communicate a lot with each other about our kid's(we have same age bracket kids almost) education. They are not able to digest many things my son Ryan is learning and doing, being in India, specially in Hisar. I am really thankful to Wisdom for developing THINKING in my son.Ryan is very good in skates, chess and winner of CLUB GOLD(He has read 55 library books in last session."

Mrs Khushi Kukreja
Proud Mother of

"We want to appreciate the efforts of Wisdom School in parents education.About Dr. Ravindran's parenting workshop. The training was very beneficial for us and we are getting results. I along with my friends and family have adapted many tips/points about parenting. Thanks for introducing the craetive toys to kids. we amaze to see their imagination. it is really fun to see the kids, what they build with their toys."

Mrs Parvin & Mr Mumtaz Ali
Proud Parents of

"It is a nice feeling for us while appreciating the efforts made and hard work done by management and talented teachers of Wisdom School in improving personality and knowledge of our daughter Saanvi as we desired. it is no need to hide the fact that two year back we were much apprehensive about the thinking, efforts, dreams and achievements of school management but somewhere deep down we were convinced about the approach of this new born temple of learning. Now we can safely say that we think ourselves the proud parents of Saanvi by putting her in your school. We are also of same thinking as not making kids as machines but human beings. Now we have realised that the ideology of this school is deep research based and really making roots and base of kids strong and firm so that their future will be bright."

Mr Sunil Dalal
D S P, Haryana Police
Proud father of
"Sannvi Dalal"

"Wisdom School, we first time come to know about child psychology and how it helps child to grow naturally.
We are so impressed by the practical knowledge they give to child and interaction of teachers with children. At Wisdom School child grows naturally and learn so much about surrounding and all other things without taking burden. We think this is a unique school that is adopting a new concept in kinder garten."

Mrs Suljhan Jain  ( Lecturer) 
Proud mother of

"I was a worried parent of my cute daughter about how schools teach normally. But I have been feeling relaxed after admitting her in Wisdom School since April 2012.
 Another good initiative taken by Wisdom is to educate parents. Keep it up.""

Mr Harvinder Singh [Teacher]
Proud father of
"Sumedha Singh"

" When my daughter finishes her home work before any thing else, it prove one thing, she enjoys schooling. The way school is introducing new games and innovation in their (student's) life, is remarkable. Elephant ride to well, tunnels to rope web, beads games to counting rods, sumo cubes to chess...., ducks, turkey, fishes, pigeon,rabbits.................. काश हमारे time में भी wisdom स्कूल होता.  "

Mr Vikas Kumar [Project Manager]  
Proud father of "Kalpna Singh", Grade 3rd & "Bhawna"

If we want to change the fruits, then we need to change the roots.
Learning is fun if we make it simple & interesting.