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  • 13/06/2020

Parenting Tips

During the lock down, parents can do fasting for one day at least, not to guide/instruct/correct/advice children for anything. Just hold back yourself. Generally, parents are underestimating children. They unknowingly kill the self-esteem of children. And a child with low self-esteem is a child of no or low confidence. Such children become doubtful about everything they do. Parents don't recognize the self-doubt issue and it affects efficiency and interest in academics. In spite of hard work, these children fail to perform.
So I request parents to do fasting for a longer period and let children do errors and mistakes. When they conquer a problem with their own struggle their self-esteem will boost up. Their happiness graph will go up. And you know "Happy People Are Productive People".

Even such instructions/advice/warnings disturb grownups too. For example, my wife Neelam gets irritated when her mother keeps reminding her about the overflow of milk when she boils milk. Think about the children.
Haripal Pilania

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